Planetary Shift

If you are like many recently who have felt this roller coaster of emotions, a feeling of exhaustion, moments of panic/anxiety, depression, just not feeling yourself recently there is a reason why.  Although a lot of this can be painful, it is actually happening for the greater good.  It’s forcing us to face what we no longer can ignore. I have used many tools but found simply breathing with intention throughout the day is most helpful.  Calling in pure Divine Love to fill me and surround me, my home and family, breathing in the light of pure love and taking advantage of the influx of light every morning, allowing it to expand and fill me.  Setting the intention to connect to my inner being to guide me along the path of ease, of least resistance, when uncomfortable emotions are on the rise, take notice and choose a better feeling thought, I choose love because I love myself and know I am special.  Release the old emotions into the light, call in help from your Angels to surround you with love and take these old out dated false stories we once believed, that no longer hold space in your inner being and no longer have a place in the new earth. We are releasing to move into more love, joy and compassion.

This was the message given to me to explain what is happening and why:

With the planetary shift that has taken place around the solar eclipse, new moons, etc, they have catapulted us into a whole new way, a new beginning, a new shift in awareness.  And with this shift/new beginning there is a much needed release of the old to enter into the new in order to bring about change in humanity.

Now is a time of transition, of ascension, of releasing.  Try to see the positive during this time as a deep purge of all energy that no longer serves, you will rise above this even more light filled, connected to source, more energized with the love and light of the divine.  With more clarity and focus on your path.  Stay in gratitude always, ask us for help during this time, Rest when you can.  Work is being done behind the scenes. And all will truly be well.  All the love, joy, abundance and purpose of service of creativity you offer others will be at your finger tips.  Be the light for those around you.

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