Inner Child


Within each one of us is an inner child that is wanting to break free. Free from the chains that overtime became tighter, due the rush and stresses we create in life. She wants to dance and sing and doesn’t care who is watching. She wants to grab a hairbrush, hop on a chair and give her speech to talk about how great she is. She easily can walk by a mirror without fixing her hair, doesn’t care that there are grass stains on her jeans (in fact the dirtier the better it means she had a really fun day). She wants to roll down a hill while imagining it is the tallest mountain in the Universe. In fact her imagination is huge and her storytelling skills are off the charts. She can gather a crowd just with her mere presence, her excitement for life, her smile, her quirky laugh. She dreams big, And today I am her and she is me. I am getting to know her and asking if she can please take the lead for a while, remind me how to have fun, create, draw outside the lines. Reminding me that anything and everything is possible because I exist and all we need to do is LOVE. That’s it! She told me my purpose is simply to love, that’s it.

Whenever I forget there will be reminders all around me, my daughters smile, my son’s loving & wise conversations, my husband’s long hugs after work, my dog’s wet kisses and when I walk by a mirror, stop take a look smile and my heart will begin to expand because I am looking at me. And what I feel is the reflected love back because I love, approve and accept myself as I am in this very moment. I am LOVE.

#joyfullyawake, #self-love, #self acceptance, #self-approval, #compassion

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