Card Reading: 9/19/2019

High Priestess- Mystery- The number 2 is the energy of collaboration/ partnership with another person or with Spirit. This card represents the mystical, the magical, the miracles of life. The experiences that go beyond logic. A feeling of grounded whimsy and wonder. Being able to trust my intuition, the guidance and cues that Spirit is constantly giving us and that we all have access to. As I learn to trust my inner knowing, my gut feelings, that inner Divine Wisdom, the miracles and magic of life is revealed.

9 of Earth- Discipline self-reliance, reliable resources, restraint and self-control, the final stone placed in the foundation. The number 9 is the energy of global awareness, co-creativity in action, and the relationship between your power and that of Spirit, as well as others that share in the co-creation of the outer world. Completion. Trust in myself as I know Spirit is always guiding me. Giving me signs and reminding me of the array of tools I have at my disposal that are here to help. I use my resources wisely which help to build the foundation of my security in the world. I am disciplined and focused on completing the work I began long ago. I finish what I started knowing the plan is unfolding before me, just as the Universe has intended.

Ace of Air- Destiny and fate, powerful forces of transformation at work, synchronicity. Ace is the driving, primal force “Everything I desire begins with me”. Forces beyond my control are operating in my life now for the highest good. So as I trust my intuition, am focused and disciplined the Universe will display synchronicity. Expect quick results that will lead me forward with excellent information. Trust what I am receiving, to be in the embodiment of trustworthiness and allow the Universe to bring forth my true desires.

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