Here are what people are saying and the experiences they are having after a healing and or an intuitive reading. Or just from listening or reading the messages they have heard or read on my site.

“Vivian did a healing on me and a cleansing of my house. An area where I struggled was feeling a heavy weight on my body and after my healing I now feel lighter. The negative energy that I’ve been carrying is lifted. I now find myself being more aware and in tune with being in the moment, breathing and focusing more clearly. I am going to have Vivian do another healing soon so that I can continue on the road to staying happy, peaceful and to be full of self love.” Rebecca Soto Jolley

“I feel so much better and grounded after the healing. I was stressed and uneasy. It was life changing for me! It really cleared my mind and thoughts that I’ve been struggling with. She also cleared my home. I could definitely feel the difference. Thank you Vivian! I’m truly grateful for you.” Dulce Ortiz

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